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 Sexy lingerie withdrawal malls,finding a new way to continue

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PostSubject: Sexy lingerie withdrawal malls,finding a new way to continue   Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:06 pm

Translucent halter tops,fancy lace sexy lingeries, mooning male Siamese pants ...... In Valentine's Day, many couples will choose to buy a pair of beautiful sexy lingerie to give to their lovers, but for Hangzhou people, are very rarely have this habit, the mall's sexy lingerie but also because of its poor performance in the last year Withdraw. Reporters on the eve of Valentine's Day sexy lingerie visited several stores, but found several specialty lingerie stores converted from doing ordinary retail do wholesale, franchise and expand the business year after year.
1. Sexy lingerie withdrawal mall there are difficulties
Lingerie general pattern exquisite, bold design, the use of tight, translucent material, etc., you can add some fun between couples. Hangzhou Tower has been introduced in the previous year had a racy lingerie brand, but later because results do not come up in the last year suffered Withdraw. "Mall customer more popular, like ordinary lingerie are selling pretty good, but everyone is difficult to accept the concept of sexy lingerie, so naturally poor performance." Knitting mall official said, the beginning of the introduction of sexy lingerie is like shopping malls want to supplement category, but later found that it's customer base is relatively narrow and had to give up. Now try to develop some international lingerie brand, between ordinary underwear sexy underwear and between, but the results also unstable. "Sexy lingerie hard into the mall, even into the mall, it is difficult to have customers, not because of sexy lingerie like many people, but its foothold in the mall features destined to be difficult." English Taji male underwear shop responsible person said, the mall traffic is relatively large, under the watchful eyes is clearly not appropriate to buy sexy underwear, so privacy and good shops more popular, which is the sexy lingerie can not display their fists at the mall one of the reasons.

2.Shift from a retail or wholesale lingerie stores
However, even if the withdrawal of large shopping malls, sexy lingerie also have their own channels to find their own customers. It is said that the house had to withdraw mall lingerie brand, has now been transformed into a manufacturer, specializing in production of various sexy bras, underwear, in the online sales performance is very good.

In addition to the house, the Hangzhou another franchise Taji British men sexy lingerie business is getting better, the owner of the original storefront in Fengqi after the end of the road, two months ago, and in Yongjin Square, 2nd Floor opened stores. "Now there are few stores retail customers are generally doing wholesale business." English Taji official said, more than a month since the new store opened, retail turnover only 5,000 yuan, while the wholesale and retail is almost four times as much , and also started selling online, low cost, profits are high. A high proportion of regular customers "in the stores closed down a very long time, we still have a succession of consumers come to shop, more than 60 long-term clients often come to buy, there's even sexy lingerie model used abroad to our company designers made specifically for them. "said the head of the British Taji, sexy lingerie shop relies essentially old passenger business is slow to accept new customers. Interestingly, there are no girls Customers also like to visit this male lingerie shop, mostly to buy to give his lover, the store has 1/3 of the business are women created.

In Wulin road a sexy lingerie shop, a few meters of a small shop, covered with dozens of women fun underwear, mostly floral thong, and a few are fun class. The owner said, as long as there are new goods, old customers will always come, and sometimes foreigners to buy, buy one that is often more than a dozen.

3. Advantage of low life

Several sexy lingerie shop in Hangzhou relatively modest price, like Wulin this sexy lingerie shop, thongs generally cost 10-20 yuan, sexy lingerie prices are also tens of dollars or so, mostly coming from Guangzhou. English Taji male fun underwear prices generally between $ 18-58, fun piece pants price of 78-88 yuan, compared to the mall ordinary underwear, sexy lingerie price is not high. "The price can not be too sexy lingerie, because its life is very low." Sexy lingerie shopkeeper said, sexy underwear usually have few opportunities to wear through a twice, it's "fun" index will be reduced, once the new out of the old models will be more sexy underwear thrown aside, so the life of sexy lingerie underwear is much lower than normal, but also its advantage, after the ever-changing colors, freshness greatly enhanced.

4. Sex is also a trend of underwear

Although the mall will be dismissed out of sexy lingerie, sexy route but many international lingerie brand emerged, such as those from Italy and France LaClover boutique lingerie Aubade. "In fact, many customers are in the concept of a shift away from the traditional underwear gradually fashion, sexy, though not enough on the taste, but is already a big step forward." Hangzhou Tower Shopping Knitting responsible person said, LaClover just came in when the performance is not good, but well-stocked, the Hangzhou to its high degree of acceptance. French Aubade lingerie design is quite sexy erotic bikini set of underwear to a few thousand dollars, but there are still old customers like it, although five or six million a month in sales compared to the common brand is relatively low, but they take it to improve the mall underwear culture and taste.
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Sexy lingerie withdrawal malls,finding a new way to continue
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